August 21, 2016


Neuroflex Balancing Activation Success Stories


Kevin K., RMT, R.TCMP, R.Ac – Toronto, ON June 2016

(Are lengthy “stretching exercises, routines, classes & therapies” necessarily the way to go to accomplish greater range of motion? flexibility-mobility? or to achieve strength control in that newly acquired range?      Eldon)


Christian Schnabel – Nov. 22, 2016

Hi Eldon,
Here is my testimonial.
As a long time martial artist, I have accumulated a variety of injuries and weaknesses over time. My daily work finds me hunched over a computer despite my best efforts to sit properly and get up frequently. Both of these have resulted in tightness and pain in my ankles, knees as well as neck and shoulders. I have found that Eldon’s approach to Registered Massage Therapy is quick, effective, and makes a great deal of sense. I am now walking with ease, my physical activities haven’t had interruption, I have actually gotten stronger, and I now know what techniques and exercises to add in to my life to address all of my issues.  I would recommend everyone try at least one session of his unique approach to dealing with the accumulated weaknesses and injuries of the body, if just to understand what they have been missing.
Nov. 22, 2016
Christian Schnabel
Customer Care and Quality Manager
Pathway Communications
95 Apple Creek Blvd., Markham
Ontario, Canada L3R 1C7


Benjamin de Graaf – Nov. 20, 2016
My name is Benjamin de Graaf and provide entertainment and DJ services for corporate clients, wedding clientele and private affairs. Standing is required for long periods of time to effectively do my job and requires hours of set up, movement, and being in one place delivering music to the masses.
               It is important to mention to what I do because prior to meeting Eldon Wingay for two months  I had constant muscle pain and tightness in my right hamstring due to a football injury sustained in a men’s flag football league.
               I met Eldon at a networking event about a month and a half ago and within our brief 5 minute interaction he had figured out what my injury was and had assessed it. The next day after my encounter with him I felt relief in my leg that I hadn’t in the weeks prior.
               I contacted Eldon the next day and booked a follow up session with him and have been receiving treatment ever since. I have recommended 2 other people to him in this short time. Eldon has a unique way of treating clients and getting results – I have increased mobility in my leg and am pain free. Using the traditional physiotherapy methods previously did not get these results even after several months of treatment.
                I would not hesitate to refer other friends or family  to him that are in pain or experiencing physical difficulties based on the amazing results I have gotten.
Benjamin de Graaf
Managing Director | DJ Elegance


Jackie A.  –  Toronto, ON  Teacher     Sept.  2016

In 2007, I became ill and was given strong IV antibiotics.      Shortly afterward, I was stiff and sore; I also had very little strength or stamina.      I had high liver enzymes from drug toxicity and had to take almost a year off work due to chronic pain and extreme fatigue.     When I returned to work, I continued to have some pain.      I also had a torn rotator cuff from a previous injury, so it was  painful when I lifted my arm.  
Then I started to work with Eldon Wingay.      He uses a relatively new kind of massage-bodywork-movement-fitness-fusion therapy called Neuromyofascial Energetic Activation.      He activated and released specific muscles and fascia and I could immediately lift my arm without pain and I had increased range of motion.      Eldon continued to work on my neck, shoulders, back and hips; these muscles were tight and this provided relief from my chronic stiffness and pain.      By stretching and working the fascia, he also opened my chest and abdominal area.      This helped to improve my posture and breathing.      This was not just an instant temporary “miracle” cure.
Eldon gave me some specific exercises to do to help strengthen and balance my muscles.      I had also been doing Tai chi and Chi Gung for a number of years, which played a great part in my recovery; the exercises Eldon gave me fit in well with my daily routine, since they are a combination of Chi Gung, Yoga and Pilates.      By strengthening and balancing my muscles Eldon helped me to move properly, improve my stances and increase my range of motion. Neuroflex Balancing  Activation helped relieve my chronic pain, increased my strength and stamina.  
                                                            Thank you, Eldon


David G.  –  Toronto, ON     Musician    Dec. 2015

“A year and a half ago I injured my knee  while I was out of town as a result the demands of a musician and my lifestyle.      Initially I had sought help from a physiotherapist and massage therapist, which at the time did help me recover the use of my knee.      Although I continued doing their exercises, I managed to re-injured my knee, at which point they suggested doing additional exercises.      I continued these exercises until I re-injured my knee a third time. Since I was back home, I decided to see Mr. Eldon Wingay, a registered massage therapist who had developed a special bodywork-movement-fitness-fusion method called Neuroflex Balancing Activation.

Mr. Wingay was very quick to test the muscles and tissues involved in the in the knee injury and identify which ones to strengthen and stretch.      He massaged certain areas and strengthened other areas to get the knee back in balance. He was very precise and pleasant in explaining the problems, and what I could do to help them.      We discovered other potential problem areas, but he was very helpful in suggesting which ones to deal with first.      As a result, I stopped my former lengthy knee strengthening routine and followed Mr. Wingay’s short and simple physical exercises.      Within a week, I was very pleased to have regained 90-95% normal functioning of my knee.      With my experience with Mr. Wingay, I have become much more aware of how to strengthen, use and care for my body, and am eager to learn more.


(Are lengthy strengthening routines necessarily the way to go to get stronger efficient functioning?       Eldon)


Christine W.  –  Toronto, ON     Sept. 2011

“Ladies!  Ladies!  Ladies!    (No  longer  looking  pregnant  at  50!)     Pregnancy  is  a  blessing  in  our  lives. However,  still  looking  pregnant  at  50  is  not.      Eldon  has  the  secret  to  waking  up  and  realigning  these  abdominal  muscles. In  a  matter  of  minutes,  Eldon  was  able  to  give  me  back  my  shape  and  flattening  my abdomen.      I  am  very  happy  about  my  new  shape. I  am  so  thrilled,

Thank  you  Eldon!”

(Results like this re abdomen don’t always happen this fast all the time, but in some cases they can.     I call this NBA Shape-Shifting-Toning-Up BELLY LIFTING”.      There is also NBA Shape-Shifting-Toning-Up BUTT LIFTING” (Back & Sides).      Toning is fast, the lift firming up is just a little bit longer as you get stronger.      It’s your time, should You choose to skip less-efficient & lengthy Boot-camps for Shaping Toning or new Moms classes for Shaping-Toning & instead choose to use NBA?     Eldon.)


Christine W.  –  Toronto, ON     Sept. 2011

“On Friday Aug. 12/2011, I had my first treatment with Eldon on my left leg. I broke my left leg severely on May 30/2009.      My knee was dislocated, the posterior cruciate ligament was torn & the head of the tibia was shattered. This has left my left knee 29 degrees out of alignment & has caused complications throughout my body from my feet up to my spine.

Eldon’s treatment has focused on this leg from the toes to hip locating areas of weakness & sensitivity progressively releasing numerous & complicated restrictions.      Over the past two years I have sought regular treatment with an osteopath/chiropractor, an acupuncturist & physiotherapist.      While each has been very helpful, Eldon’s techniques were uniquely different which provided amazing and tremendous results in my increased movement, flexibility & stability allowing me much greater freedom in walking than I have had through any other treatment.      I am so amazed & delighted with the changes in & improvements of my left leg that I will see him again to treat my other (right) leg which was broken in January 2005.

On Tuesday August 30, Eldon treated my right leg which had suffered a spiral fracture to both bones (the tibia & fibula).      I have had 3 surgeries on this leg and need to depend on it more than it is able to handle.      Again Eldon’s treatment was uniquely different & has again provided greater mobility, flexibility & stability than I have had in years.     I was able to walk more easily & normally than I have ever been able to in 6 years.      Upon reflection, I realize that my nightly pain in my legs & knees has almost completely disappeared.

Eldon is extremely gifted, skilled & knowledgeable of all the functions of the body.      It is with Eldon’s skilled assistance that I will regain more of my freedom, mobility & keep my independence.

Thank you Eldon.”

(NBA does help for post-surgery pain work, but it can also help better with no surgery or as a second opinion non-surgery work.  Eldon)


Michele W.  –  Richmond Hill, ON  Fitness Instructor

“After my first appointment with Eldon (Neuroflex Balancing) I was very surprised at the results.     While Eldon was working on me, I felt immediate results!!      I am a Fitness Instructor and have many issues with wear & tear on my body.      Eldon had worked on my right shoulder and foot unwinding connective tissues & releasing muscular adhesion’s.

After the treatment I felt lighter, more range of movement, free of pain, and a greater sense of well-being.      It has been a week since I have had the appointment with Eldon, and I felt other changes within me that I would like to share. I thought as a Fitness Instructor that I was very in-tune with my body, but I have felt a greater connection with myself physically & mentally.      I am calmer more clear-headed, and feel less stressed.      My body seems to be readjusting on daily basis.

My appointment with Eldon is today, and am very much looking forward to feeling healthier & stronger!!!”


(Can the NBA method by re-working the neuromotor myofascial pathways, help Fitness Instructors feel better, get fine tuned fitter & stay fitter faster? (Say the last half of the sentence fast three times)   Eldon)