September 10, 2016

Massage Therapist Toronto

RMT Toronto

 Need rapid relief for Back, Neck Or Shoulder Pain?

Looking For A Faster Method Of Strength & Mobility Conditioning? 

Neuroflex Balancing Activation (NBA) has changed peoples lives allowing them

rapid pain relief & enhanced strength & mobility without lengthy or arduous therapy sessions.

“Get YOUR FREE ASSESSMENT for Strength, Flexibility-Mobility or Posture Alignment”

at Eldon’s Toronto Health & Fitness Meetup Group 

Or call & book an Activation Appointment at (416) 801-9090

“Eldon has a great Moving-Bodywork-Fitness Fusion service with his Neuroflex Balancing Activation.”

Quote below from a Toronto RMT, R.TCMP, R.Ac:

  “We first tested, then treated & retested the external rotation strength of the shoulder and it was much stronger”

My shoulder felt lighter & easier to move than before the treatment.     This took only a few minutes!

“What an amazing treatment”    

 Activate, Feel Great & Empower Your Physical Intelligence today!   

Book an Neuroflex Balancing Activation appointment, call (416) 801-9090

massage therapist toronto

RMT Toronto