How is your movement quality?


         A contracted body doesn’t lead You to happiness & clarity.

Contracted usage creates contracted structure quality.Use your body balanced or lose it unbalanced, too contracted or too loose!

Use your body balanced or lose it unbalanced, too contracted or too loose!

                    Get your NeuroMyoFascia (Nervous System, Muscles & Connective Tissue -YOU) In Balanced Motion                   

Use Neuro Bodywork Intelligence of Neuroflex Balancing Activation For New Personal Development!

Having chronic pain & movement limitation are signals that You enjoy life less & having less fun, less physical flow intelligence literacy, mastery & less physical, emotional & mental freedom.

We can help You to find out what is wrong/weak & also help you forge your intentional vision & goals – what You want to be able to do physically & work with You to help achieve your vision & goals.

Moods, foods & thoughts can greatly influence your posture, movement, sense perception & vice versa.

How are your moods (EQ Emotional QuotIent), foods (PQ Physical Quotient) & thoughts (IQ intelligence Quotient)?

Your physical motor sensory response to emotions, foods & mentality is through soft tissue which makes your fascia your Emotional-Food-Mental body mirror reflection.

To help You achieve your vision & goals, You may use NBA Neuro-Myo-Fascial-Energetic Intelligence with soft tissue Mobilisations, Massage, Bodywork, Corrective Strengthening, Lengthening, Functional & Practical Movement Assessment Patterns.

Also, use NBA Energy Fusion Movements (EFM) – NBA Meridian Energy Yoga which are Flow-Optimizing-Reshaping-Mobilizing-Synergy Exercises – a Synthesis of Chi Kung-Pilates-Yoga Primal Flow.     Use NBA-EFM Intel empowerment.

Neuroflex Balancing Activation & Energy Fusion Movements Empower Your Physical Intelligence.

NBA & EFM Help Shape Your Body Intelligence Faster &

Can Shape How YOU Think, Feel & Behave More Efficiently.

Using NBA & EFM YOU can have more fun, live a fuller life being more pro-active Sooner.

Bad Health is Unbalancing  –  Good Health is Balancing  –  Go for Good Health Balancing!    

                                    The Stronger & more NBA Balanced You become,

The Healthier, Freer & Easier You can move & transform your Life at many levels.

Neuroflex Balancing Activation positively activates your Physical Body Intelligence Literacy & inspires your Health, Wellness, Fitness & Movement quality, your Self Image, Relationships, Finances, Purpose & Creativity.

Use Your Neuroflex Flow Intelligence.

You can move Pain-FREE & Transform Your Life Confidently with Neuroflex Balancing Activation & Energy Fusion Movement.  

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