How is your movement quality?


         A contracted body doesn’t lead You to happiness & clarity.     Contracted usage creates contracted           structure quality.      Use your body balanced or lose it unbalanced, too contracted or too loose!

                    Get your NeuroMyoFascia (Nervous System, Muscles & Connective Tissue -YOU) In Balanced Motion                   

Use Neuro Bodywork Intelligence of Neuroflex Balancing Activation For New Personal Development!

Having chronic pain & movement limitation are signals that You enjoy life less & having less fun, less physical flow intelligence literacy, mastery & less physical, emotional & mental freedom.

We can help You to find out what is wrong/weak & also help you forge your intentional vision & goals – what You want to be able to do physically & work with You to help achieve your vision & goals.

Moods, foods & thoughts can greatly influence your posture, movement, sense perception & vice versa.

How are your moods (EQ Emotional QuotIent), foods (PQ Physical Quotient) & thoughts (IQ intelligence Quotient)?

Your physical motor sensory response to emotions, foods & mentality is through soft tissue which makes your fascia your Emotional-Food-Mental body mirror reflection.

To help You achieve your vision & goals, You may use NBA Neuro-Myo-Fascial-Energetic Intelligence with soft tissue Mobilizations, Massage, Bodywork, Corrective Strengthening, Lengthening, Functional & Practical Movement Assessment Patterns.      Also use NBA Energy Fusion Movements (EFM) – NBA Meridian Energy Yoga which are Flow-Optimizing-Reshaping-Mobilizing-Synergy Exercises -a Synthesis of Chi Kung-Pilates-Yoga Primal Flow.     Use NBA-EFM Intel empowerment.

Neuroflex Balancing Activation & Energy Fusion Movements Empower Your Physical Intelligence.

NBA & EFM Help Shape Your Body Intelligence Faster &

Can Shape How YOU Think, Feel & Behave More Efficiently.

Using NBA & EFM YOU can have more fun, live a fuller life being more pro-active Sooner.

Bad Health is Unbalancing  –  Good Health is Balancing  –  Go for Good Health Balancing!    

                                    The Stronger & more NBA Balanced You become, the Healthier, Freer & Easier                                                                                                   You can move & transform your Life at many levels.

Neuroflex Balancing Activation positively activates your Physical Body Intelligence Literacy & inspires your Health, Wellness, Fitness & Movement quality, your Self Image, Relationships, Finances, Purpose & Creativity.      Use Your Neuroflex Flow Intelligence.    You can move Pain-FREE & Transform Your Life Confidently with Neuroflex Balancing Activation & Energy Fusion Movement.  

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