August 21, 2016


 Neuroflex Balancing Activation (NBA) 

Is Feeling Healthier Pain-Stress-Free & Being Happy, Fit & Balanced Faster!

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 The Experience Of Neuroflex Balancing Activation Is Moving Stronger 

Be Neuroflex Activated For Your Health, Wellness, Fitness & Movement

What is Neuroflex Balancing Activation? (NBA)

(Bodywork-Health & Fitness Fusion Solution & Being Strong Fast)

Neuroflex Balancing Activation is a revolutionary Bodywork-Health & Fitness Fusion Method created by Eldon Wingay, RMT, NBA.

It is an advanced assessment, treatment & integrative functional movement based training method that corrects fascial network pain, neuromusculoskeletal movement & energetic problems.

NBA is for general population care from young children up to seniors & from weekend warriors to elite athletes for Greater Mobility & Preserving Health.

The NBA Fusion Solution Eliminates Pain, Reshapes Your BodyMind Energy, Creates Efficient Movement Performance & Increases YOUR Strength, Flexibility & Energy IN SECONDS!


What & Who Is NBA Good For?  

(Pain Elimination, Balancing Structure & Stronger Flow Movement For You) 

NBA is effective for Back, Neck, Shoulder, Head, Arm, Pelvis, Core-Ab-Butt-Hip, Knee, Leg, Ankle, Foot, Stress, Scar Tissue, Injury Rehab, Weight & Shape Control, Posture Imbalance & Movement Pain Problems.

Health, Wellness, Fitness & Movement enthusiasts use it for activating & optimizing their innate Neuromyofascial Energetic Plasticity Ability For More Efficient Positional & Movement Mechanics for Natural Breathing, Relaxation, Core Activation Power, Centering Stability, Full Strength & Joint Range Of Motion, Elastic Rebound Agility, Coordination, Endurance, Body Sense Perception, Neuromotor Control, Internal Organ Balance, Movement Imaging, Energy Flows, Activation Points, Balanced Structural, Mental & Emotional Alignment & Everyday Movement Performance Care.

It is used by the General Population, Pediatrics To Geriatrics, Runners, Athletes, Yoga & Pilates Practitioners, Personal Trainers, Dancers & Martial/Movement/Performance Artists to augment & achieve their goals much faster & easier than using current conventional methods.


What Does Neuroflex Balancing Activation Mean For YOU?           

(Fast Neuro-Myo-Fascial-Energetic Activation Results)        

Neuro refers to the Central Nervous System (CNS) which controls the neural sensory & neural motor information for your entire body.    Flex refers to YOU being flexible, fluid-like, with supple & adaptable movement like natural flowing water or bamboo grass.
Balancing is centering, cultivating your vital intrinsic life energy & harmonizing your whole body-heart-mind-spirit.     Correct Activation is aligning your neuro-myo-fascial energetic network structure to optimize your bioelectric energy flow-field network.

Your fascia is a three-dimensional tension-compression network without beginning or end from head to toe that surrounds & provides support & alignment to muscles, tendons, bones, organs, nerves & the brain.     Fascia functions as a connective continuum, protection barrier, immune scavenger cell defense, information carrier transmitter & as a nutritional & waste transportation system.

NBA Energy Fusion Movement (EFM) is a the use of of Movement Forms: Chi Kung-Pilates-Yoga-Primal Flow Movements for Flow-Optimizing-Reshaping-Mobilizing-Synergy & Life Energy Cultivation.     One form called “Spring Opens Going Green” from the EFM “Five Seasons Cycle” set is used to increase Mobility, Strength & Body Reshaping Energy without pumping up, sweating, bootcamps, gyms or machines.

Proper Movement skills can make your body more resilient, energetic & strength efficient.      Foods, Moods & Mental Quality States influence posture, movement, sense perception, each other & vice versa.     The physical response to food, emotion & mentality is through your soft tissue & thus your myofascia (myo = muscle, fascia = connective tissue) tone & texture is your mental-emotional body state.

Neuroflex Balancing Activation means activating, balancing & resetting your neurological, muscular, fascial & energetic communication systems to eliminate soft tissue pain, strengthen natural body movement fitness functions & accelerate balanced physical, mental & emotional life transformation.


How Does NBA Work For YOU?  

(Increases Your Central Equilibrium) 

The NBA method detects weak myofascial areas (stretched/contracted “locked long”) & then resets them for faster, stronger, synergistic strength.

          It also detects restricted-limited myofascial areas (shortened/contracted “locked short”) & then resets them                                                                                   for greater range of controlled joint mobility.

The Neuroflex Balancing Activation Fusion Solution supports evening out imbalances & increases Central Equilibrium.     This is good for BodyMind Energy Pain Elimination, Direct Core Strengthening, Body Posture Reshaping  & Alignment Balancing & Integrative Functional Movement for transforming & optimizing healthy active lifestyles.


What Makes Neuroflex Balancing Different?  

(Efficient Activation, Harmonization Of Energetic Opposites)

NBA is mindful, interactive soft tissue, manual muscle testing verification protocols & enjoyable integrative functional movement work.    This method detects & corrects co-related structural-cultural fascial tissue restrictions, compressions & tight, weak or neurologically inhibited muscles.
It balances & resets your Neuro-Myo-Fascial Energetic Movement Network to it’s neutral central alignment.     NBA does this by efficiently harmonizing opposites.
It releases tight (facilitated, locked short, restricted, concentrically loaded) & activates weak (inhibited, locked long, overstretched, eccentrically loaded) neuro-muscular, fascial, energetic & sensorimotor systems.     This procedure resets your structural cellular framework.     Combined with NBA Energy Fusion Movements, the NBA system leads to more efficient physical, emotional & mental centralization clarity.

Neuroflex Balancing Activation

Creates a dynamic balanced fascial tension-compression network.

This Positive Acting Fascial Network Eliminates Pain,

Promotes Harmonious Whole-Body Balancing &

Increases your Strength, Energy & Range Of Efficient Movement IN SECONDS!  



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