Drishti – Toronto, ON July 2016

 “I attended Eldon’s Neuroflex Balancing Activation seminar “How To Be Pain FREE, Faster & Stronger For Health, Wellness & Fitness!” having had a very bad car accident 1 year ago.     

With his no nonsense hands on approach to my leg, knees & hips and with suggested follow up exercises, I was able to enjoy better walking, mobility/flexibility instantly without need for lengthy/ massage/treatments/machines. I endorse and recommend his method, experience, training and new innovation. This is not fake or unconsidered and builds on Mr Wingay’s past experiences to create a methodology that WORKS!”

Arlene M.   Toronto, ON   June  2018

“Eldon of Neuroflex Balancing Activation at one of the NBA Assessment & Treatment Plan Opportunity meet ups gave me an assessment regarding the tension at the back & base of my neck. We did before and after tests for flexibility-mobility, neck strength & a pain scale rating.

Cleaning services such as Milton Cleaners require taking care of your home and your person. Eldon helps with the person which is important.

He did some tissue adjustments and immediately the blockage cleared up and I can now bend my neck backwards much easier than before. He also gave me a home care exercise for my neck. I definitely will go for further treatment for my upper back.

Thank you Eldon!”

Angela E. M.  Toronto, ON   June 2016

 “After initially meeting Eldon and having him assess and help my problem areas in just a few minutes with just a few tweaks, I was intrigued to see what a whole session would bring. I made an appointment and went to his office where he helped me with my hamstrings, my knees and my shoulders (which I do a lot of inversions, and needed balanced strengthening). After the session I continued with Eldon’s strengthening exercises and I noticed a difference but my chiropractor even commented how responsive I was and how much I improved in just over a week. I didn’t want to share this opportunity unless it was extremely good, but I can now say that it is and I think should be a explored by anyone who has any kind of fitness practice.”